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In David Attenborough’s voice The mother wrench is highly protective of her cub, and will click viciously at anyone who approaches the little one. pic.twitter.com/wKP95uoKbt
Dremelling a couple of grooves into a bolt will turn it into a decent thread chaser in a pinch. pic.twitter.com/Ix13UxV15K
Bike build: Merida Matts electric touring bike tegowerk.eu/posts/merida-m…
Currently on a Nicolas Cage movie marathon. Tonight’s feature was Leaving Las Vegas (1995). Expected a lightweight flick, got punched in the stomach instead. Brilliant.
TV remotes should be neon green. Who came up with this stealthy black crap idea anyway?
The 700th Extra Ordinary is so cute it’s ridiculous exocomics.com/700/